Learn the art & science of making compassionate, constructive and concrete change.

At home. At work.
And in the world.

Image by Max Kukurudziak

INTRA is partnering with the Coordination Support Center of Poland
to offer psychosocial support services to Ukrainian refugees 
and the volunteers that support them.


From Leadership Development


Community Building

Dive deeply into the methodologies that inform our work.


From Resiliency Training


Social Systems Innovation


Learn the skills to have conversations that change everything.




An everyday (r)evolutionary;

Changing the personal, professional and global systems
in which they live, work, and learn.

From the inside, out.

Are you an INTRApreneur?


Acquire the attitudes and aptitudes for transformational change through The Challenge Process, an evidence-based group Group Coaching method with 15 years of refinement, so you and your team can cultivate meaningful connections to your work, and each other.

Certify to
in Intrapreneurship

If you are passionate about helping people navigate personal, professional and global change,

let Intra show you how to become a true INTRApreneur through this immersive, certified training program.

Help us
to transform their communities.

Sponsor leaders in vulnerable communities to learn the art and science of constructive change and social innovation. Donate to our scholarship program today. 

INTRA, Integrative leadership training for people who want to change their world


Are you facing a before-and-after moment in your life?


Maybe it's a big loss--- like a failed business, a divorce, a death or an illness. Or maybe you are between jobs, cities or countries.


Whatever the case, you know big changes are in store and you want to do them well. If you want help to make choices clearly and consciously, Intra is for you.

INTRA, Integrative leadership training for people who want to change their world


Are you motivated to co-create meaningful change in your organization, so employees feel engaged and your workplace culture aligns with the values of your team?


Intra can show you how to host conscious conversations about what really needs to change where you work.

INTRA, Integrative leadership training for people who want to change their world

Do you want to empower your community to change the way they live, work and learn from the inside out?


Learn how to talk about taboos in a conscious, constructive way and generate innovations to bring more health and happiness to the community you serve.


INTRA, Integrative leadership training for people who want to change their world


Are you in a helping profession?


Do you like what you do but not how it's being done?


If you are a health professional, a civil servant, a teacher, an aid worker, a parent or in any other position of service to others, Intra can teach you how to administer 'systems acupuncture' so you can shake things up in your industry.

If not now, when?


There has never been a more crucial time to make a difference in the world

in the way only you can.  

Will you join us? 



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