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Join a
Change Circle

Join a cohort of peers for a 12-week journey through the Change In Conversation Project-- and learn to cultivate collective solutions to the complex problems that are common to us all. 


The Challenge Process is an evidence-based conversation protocol refined over the past 15 years by entrepreneurs, social innovators and community groups from around the world.


During this 12-week journey you'll meet weekly with a cohort of peers under the expert guidance of an Intra Facilitator, so as to explore innovative solutions to complex problems with the art and science of transformative communication an intregrative leadership.  

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Form lasting bonds and peer support with your group from around the world.

Expertly facilitated program

Advanced training in leadership, facilitation and coaching, specializing in virtual connection.

15 year-old, evidence-based process

3 month intensive.

9 months of peer-led change circles.

Mentorship and community throughout.

90 minutes per week

Participate from anywhere with our live, virtual, interactive sessions. 

6-8 peers from around the


Bite-sized lessons so you can listen on the go.

12 week commitment

We have written this curriculum to meet ICF standards for ACSTH Accreditation.



INTRA, Integrative leadership training for people who want to change their world

Acquire the attitudes & aptitudes for change by learning

Systems Acupuncture;

So you know exactly where to push,

with the least amount of pain

and the maximum amount of impact,

to make the change you want to see in your world...

In the way only you can.

“INTRA is the first place that has recognized that you can be a highly accomplished person, while deeply affected by trauma.”

- Evie, England 

“This training was more valuable than my Master's Level Certificate in Leadership Development."

- Jen, Canada

"By far the best personal development program I have ever completed.”


- Felipe, Spain 

“I lean on the Principles & Practices of The Challenge Process daily, and I think that's the main reason why I have not burnt out or thrown in the towel.”

- Katie, United States