If you are passionate about helping people navigate personal, professional and global change,

let Intra show you how to become a true


Intra Ripple Effect

Real innovation starts right where you are.

Within yourself, within your family,

within your community, office, industry or discipline.


Because when it comes to making

a sustainable difference in your world,

the ripple effect is what a

real INTRApreneur needs to master. 

Intra Ripple Effect

Dive deeply into the methodologies that inform

The Challenge Process

So you can have transformative conversations

at home, at work, and within yourself.

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3 month intensive training.

9 months of peer-led change circles.

Mentorship and community throughout.



Participate from anywhere with our live, virtual, interactive sessions. 

60+ contact hours 

Bite-sized lessons so you can listen on the go.

150 succinct audio lessons

Form lasting bonds and peer support with your group from around the world.

Small group cohorts

Advanced training in leadership, facilitation and coaching, specializing in virtual connection.

Leadership, facilitation & coaching skills

We have written this curriculum to meet ICF standards for ACSTH Accreditation.

Coaching Certification Training

INTRA, Integrative leadership training for people who want to change their world

Acquire the attitudes & aptitudes for change by learning

Systems Acupuncture;

So you know exactly where to push,

with the least amount of pain

and the maximum amount of impact,

to make the change you want to see in your world...

In the way only you can.


"The INTRApreneur program has been so much more relevant and profound than any other leadership program I have ever experienced. It truly altered the fabric of who I am.


After having integrated the learning and experience I gained through the INTRA program, I feel that I've evolved into an intentional leader that really enables people around me. I'm seeing a tremendous ripple effect all around me and I'm so inspired to continue this work from the inside out, both personally and professionally.”


-Genevieve, Canada

Listen to Genevieve's participant experience!

How My Experience Has Changed My Entire Team
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On INTRA's Value to Employers
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Racism, sexism, ageism, alcoholism and other 'isms' are issues most people feel unsafe talking about, and yet they require a collective solution 

Intra's conversation protocol makes it simple and safe to talk about the most difficult issues, even with people who are very different from you.


That makes it much easier to come up with innovative solutions that work for everyone, together. 

On average, most people will change careers between 5-20 times in their lifetime, but transitions are the highest-ranking stressor

Change is not taught in school.

Yet we need to get better at it if we are going to manage all the transitions in our lives.

Whether it be a major career shift or the adjustment to becoming a new parent, Intra can help you harness the wisdom of people who have walked a similar path. 

Rates of loneliness, addiction, burnout, relationship breakdown and chronic illness are skyrocketing but systems aren't adapting.

Unacknowledged trauma is the underlying cause of most diseases... physical, mental, emotional. Yet most of us are ignorant of the myriad ways that it plays into our relationships, whether personal or professional.


Intra remedies this and provides tools to transform trauma into meaning and purpose. 

Societies across the globe are becoming politically, socially and economically polarized yet we are talking about it
less and less. 

Many people feel powerless to change the systems that dominate their lives. But we live in a world where change is happening at an exponential rate, so we all need to get better at it if we are going to survive. 

Intra will help you discover your unique contribution to changing your world, and give you the support you need to really make it happen.


“INTRA is the first place that has recognized that you can be a highly accomplished person, while deeply affected by trauma.”

- Evie, England 

“This training was more valuable than my Master's Level Certificate in Leadership Development."

- Jen, Canada

"By far the best personal development program I have ever completed.”


- Felipe, Spain 

“I lean on the Principles & Practices of The Challenge Process daily, and I think that's the main reason why I have not burnt out or thrown in the towel.”

- Katie, United States