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Become an everyday (r)evolutionary

Learn to change your world in the way only you can.

INTRpreneur Training

Next cohort starts 27 January, 2023

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The Intrapreneurship Training leverages conflict resolution, neuroscience, transformative communication, post-traumatic growth and social innovation to help you make real change, from the inside out.


Dig deep so you can build high, and strong. Explore the underlying conditions that inform -- sometimes unconsciously -- your behaviours, beliefs, and character.

Learn to harness those building blocks in the most constructive way possible, so that the cracks in your foundation don't undermine your plans for the future.

Course Structure



Learn to feel 'at home' in your personal and professional life by repairing, renovating and reimagining what isn't working anymore.

Explore how to support, protect, and build your 'home' as a place where you can feel safe, where you truly belong; designed as an authentic reflection of who you are, what you need, and what you can offer the world.



Build your world-- at home, at work-- into something you can truly believe in. Focus your time, energy and intention on making a difference in the way only you can.

Contract the right team to help you construct your vision; design your unique blueprint; and begin your construction on a stable foundation. Then throw open your doors and let a true vision in.

Starting with the most difficult things in your life, ending with a concrete plan for change

3 month intensive training.

9 months of peer-led change circles.

Mentorship and community throughout.



Participate from anywhere with our live, virtual, interactive sessions. 

60+ contact hours 

Bite-sized lessons so you can listen on the go.

150 succinct audio lessons

Form lasting bonds and peer support with your group from around the world.

Small group cohorts

Advanced training in leadership, facilitation and coaching, specializing in virtual connection.

Leadership, facilitation & coaching skills

We have written this curriculum to meet ICF standards for ACSTH Accreditation.

Coaching Certification Training


“INTRA is the first place that has recognized that you can be a highly accomplished person, while deeply affected by trauma.”

- Evie, England 

“This training was more valuable than my Master's Level Certificate in Leadership Development."

- Jen, Canada

"By far the best personal development program I have ever completed.”


- Felipe, Spain 

“I lean on the Principles & Practices of The Challenge Process daily, and I think that's the main reason why I have not burnt out or thrown in the towel.”

- Katie, United States

Course Benefits

Get Good at Change

Use different ways of knowing leading to clarity and confidence in your decisions

Personal Benefits

Nervous system regulation, decision making, healthier relationships


Professional Benefits

Practice high-level leadership skills including transformative communication; conflict resolution; facilitated engagement; results orientation, social systems innovation, change and compassion.

Course Takeaways

Change In Conversation (CIC) Canvas

A clear action plan for the change you will make


Curated reading list, peer support that will last a lifetime


The option for continued mentorship or certified coach training

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