Trisha Benson, Intra Partner

Trisha Benson 

Trisha has settled in Reno, NV with her husband and 2 young children after years of living and traveling internationally. After studying International Development at UCLA she ended up in East Africa for nearly a decade. In Uganda, she initially worked as the Head of African Development for an NGO that delivered refurbished computers and teacher training to schools throughout Africa. She then moved into Corporate Social Responsibility with an upstream Oil & Gas organization. Never one to take the well beaten path, she did a complete 180 in 2013, moving to Bali to do a yoga teacher training, get married, and begin a path of personal development.


Currently Trisha is a partner and COO at Intra while also managing a fitness studio. This ticks all the "passion" boxes: people, movement and personal growth. When not working or being a personal snack chef for her children, she enjoys traveling, reading and meditation.

Felipe Galvis, Intra Facilitator

Felipe Galvis

Felipe Galvis lives comfortably in two worlds: one in which he fully embraces his analytical and data-driven side from his experience in engineering, start-ups and operations; and the creative one in which he dives into writing, painting and exploring his own intuition. 

Originally from Colombia, Felipe lives in Spain and works as the Growth and New Ventures Director for Evolution: Innovation Forward, a company that promotes entrepreneurship through assisting companies with public and private funding as well as business performance. 

He has a Master of Engineering, an M.B.A., and 14 years of work experience across 10 different countries. Being exposed to so many diverse and multicultural environments has expanded and enriched his worldview in unforeseen ways, highlighting the need for balance between creativity, the analytical brain, spirituality and personal growth. Becoming a facilitator with Intra is one of the ways he has found to create that balance for himself as well as helping others achieve the same.

Marta Komosa, Intra Facilitator

Marta Komosa

Marta Komosa is a conscious living mentor and bodywork therapist.  Originally from Poland, she spent the past 7 years in Bali, transforming her own life, studying multiple modalities of holistic healing and hosting transformative retreats. She recently got back to Warsaw with the mission of sharing her acquired knowledge and skills. 

She has been a regular member of the Change Circle held by Renee in Bali and co-facilated several Challenge Processes during women's retreats co-hosted with Renee both in Bali and Poland. 

Marta believes wholeheartedly in learning through real life experiences and is passionate about creating a safe space for people to grow and transform, through individual and group processes. She holds a Master's degree in Applied Social Sciences with specializations in human resources; negotiations and mediations. She loves dancing, being in nature, travelling and discovering the world with her 3.5-year old son Miki. 

Michele Facey, Intra Facilitator

Michele Facey

Ellie Brown, Intra Facilitator

Ellie Brown

Ellie Brown is a global health development worker who has a special interest in women and children’s health and neglected tropical diseases. Ellie has been an active participant in challenge circles and believes in them as a sacred space for self-healing and transformational change. She is interested in self-directed healing, and all things therapeutic, and loves working with people to offer them the practical tools to overcome their challenges.

Ellie holds an undergraduate degree from Magdalen College, Oxford, and a master’s degree in social development. In her life outside of work, she spends most of her time in her garden or at her allotment, plotting what more plants she can grow.

Genevieve LeDuc, Intra Facilitator

Geneviève LeDuc

Geneviève has 17 years of experience with the government of Canada and understands the noble calling of public service. As a leader, she builds high-performing teams by embracing diversity, fostering trust, and enabling others to shine. She believes in creating safe spaces for the right conversations. She has facilitated hundreds of workshops and delivered training in strategic thinking, risk management, and business efficiency. Geneviève has a Master’s Degree in Conflict Analysis, as well as professional training in Risk Management and Business Performance, Coaching, and Workplace Mental Health Leadership.

As a natural-born innovator, Geneviève equally understands how overwhelming it can be to bring meaningful change to a large system or organization. She is passionate about helping others discover balance between self-care and service to a greater social justice agenda. For Geneviève, this has meant slowing down, creating space for spirituality and creativity, and learning to tune into her body and soul in addition to her mind. Geneviève reenergizes by taking long baths, painting her emotions, and meditating. She likes to drive race cars, has lived in 5 different countries, and loves travelling with her family. She has yet to meet a type of cheese that she doesn’t enjoy.

Claudia Peruccini, Intra Facilitator

Claudia Peruccini

Claudia has more than two decades of experience in the luxury hospitality industry. She is the co-founder of Dive Butler International, Dive Butler Maldives, and Dive & Life Butler, where she manages several dive operations with multicultural teams in various countries around the globe. 


She has been on a path of self-discovery for a long time and has trained in several modalities of breath work, meditation and body movement. Claudia is a PADI Scuba Instructor as well as Yoga Instructor and teaching is at the core of her passion for people. Watching people facing a fear of depth, both metaphorical and real, has been a transformative experience. She is a firm believer in the Intelligence of the heart and her dream is to help people to re-connect to their inner wisdom. 


Originally from Italy, after almost twenty years exploring the beauty of the oceans across the globe she has moved to Spain with her strong-willed teenage daughter and her globe-trotter partner. The three of them share the same mantra “Home is wherever we are in the world, as long as we are together.”