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This year you can make

2020 was hard. And 2021 was... just as hard.
We all need something to change, but making it happen is not easy.

That's why we have created The Blueprint for Change.
Your guide to making a big change this year, and doing it well.

This evidence-based program includes:

6 Course Modules

26 Audio Lessons & Meditations

62 Page Course Workbook

25 Exercises & Assessments

41 Resources & Recommendations

Change is easier, and more fun, when you have support.

For a limited time, all course purchases will include a free 45-minute coaching session.

INTRA, Integrative leadership training for people who want to change their world

The Blueprint for Change course is designed to meet you where you are; it's made up of a one-on-one coaching session, a series of short audio clips and reflective exercises that can be used both on and offline, and on your own schedule. So you can use it anytime, anywhere. Some people do the whole thing over a weekend away, and some people do just a little bit every day. Others just come back to it when they feel they've had enough time to digest the previous part. It's all up to you! 

How long does the course take?


The content is designed and delivered by Renee Martyna, whose experience with personal and professional change is informed by her study of trauma & transformation, social innovation & systemic shifts in the world of work & education; neuroscience & the integrative arts. You can read more about her background here.    

Who designed the course?

INTRA, Integrative leadership training for people who want to change their world

The course works well for anyone who is facing a major life transition, or who would like to invite one. Its' especially geared toward those who would like to explore the relationship between personal, professional  and systemic/global change. If you're not sure you qualify, check out this short quiz.

How do I know if it's right for me?


If you like what we do, you may be interested in certifying as an intrapreneur or having INTRA work with your team. You can also join us for a Daily Cuppa, it's our treat! 

Do you have other offerings?

“Life is not supposed to stand still, but we all know that change can be scary.  The strategies of The Blueprint for Change helped take some of the friction out of change —making it possible. It was a godsend.”
-Della, USA


A self-guided framework to help you make lasting, impactful change.


Real change is never easy.

But there is a method to the madness if you make the time and space to learn how to do change well. 

That's what INTRA is all about. Making change, from the inside out.

Whether the changes you want to make are personal, professional or global, we'll show you how to use evidence-based tools for social innovation, transformative communication and emotional wellbeing so you can feel skilled and confident talking about even the biggest taboos while generating truly innovative solutions -- at home, at work, and in the wider world.


Because it shouldn't always be about everyone else. Changing the world includes YOU, too. 

That journey begins with getting clear on three things:

  • WHO you are

  • WHAT you have to give

  • and WHERE in the world to focus your efforts


You don't need more stuff. You don't need a bigger to do list.

You need clarity; compassionate & constructive support; and you need a cause.

You need a Blueprint for Change.  



Learn about the building blocks for making true and lasting change

Intra Community Limited


Dig deep into yourself with tried and tested tools of self-discovery so you can uncover the history, values, and convictions that drive your work in the world.

Intra Community Limited


Build a life around you-- with relationships, interests, and habits-- that are strong, secure, and and authentic to you so you feel well supported through the process of making a difference in your world.  

Intra Community Limited


Design a plan that leverages your gifts, talents and abilities to maximize your impact, and get clear on your role in shifting the systems that no longer work in your world. 

Make this year new in a different way

Learn how to support yourself and others through lasting change.
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