INTRA will be volunteering our services to members of the Ukrainian refugee community and the volunteers that support them.


We will work in conjunction with the Coordination Support Center, a Polish initiative to help coordinate local and international entities offering humanitarian support to refugees.

Image by Max Kukurudziak

Our programming will address the following themes:

Conflict Resolution

Basic Psychosocial Support

Resiliency Training

Trauma Transformation

Community Building

Pilot Phase

April & June, 2022

Providing basic and interactive psychosocial and resilience support to refugees from Ukraine, Polish volunteers and host families, as well as aid workers on the ground.


In-person workshops, activities, and The Challenge Process will be delivered by trained INTRA staff and volunteers.

Long-Term Programming

Continuing the programs being offered to participants in the pilot phase. Developing online resources in Polish and Ukrainian so participants have free, ongoing access.


In-depth training of Ukrainian, Polish and Lithuanian participants via access to our INTRApreneur Training.

Trauma is created in community and it can be healed in community.

Current Partnerships:


  • We are working in partnership with the Coordination Support Center of Warsaw.

  • We have identified possible Ukrainian and Polish translators.

  • We have booked a meeting space at the Palace of Culture & Science in Warsaw.

  • Curriculum will be developed in conjunction with participants. 

Your donation will cover:


  • The translation of training materials into Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and Lithuanian

  • Wages for Ukrainian staff

  • Tuition for participants (materials, technology, meeting spaces & program-specific resources​)

  • Food & lodging for INTRA’s trainers in country

INTRA and its volunteers are covering the cost of all travel & salaries for this project​.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for specific contributions you would like to make, please get in touch.