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Intra was built to be an education and activation platform

for everyday revolutionaries, everywhere.  


Together, we want to create spaces that are generative, enjoyable, empowering and impactful for anyone who wants to make meaningful change in the world around them-- whether it be in their families, their schools, their businesses, their communities, their neighbourhoods, or projects they operate around the globe. 

We aim to help people disrupt the systems that no longer serve the people and problems they care about... one online course, training, or immersion at a time. 

INTRA, Integrative leadership training for people who want to change their world

Our core values are: 





And of course, CHANGE. 

We are a womanist business because we prioritise the feminine consciousness -- in all its variety -- in everything we do. That doesn't mean we don't value men or diminish their perspectives or worth.

It means that we also value:


Complex and concurrent responsibilities (like family, friends, and community)


Emotional connection, 

Psychosocial support and 

Spiritual evolution 

in equal measure with other aspects of making change, like results and success, because we believe in the intimate connection between personal and professional growth.

We place all of this above more traditional (and patriarchal) ways of doing business because that is how we make a difference in the world, and we feel men stand to benefit from this change as much as anyone else.  



Here is what that looks like in practice:


We have a quadruple bottom line: we put people, planet and purpose on par with profits. And we help others do the same in the work they feel called to do.


We practice non-hierarchical leadership. We listen, and we respond to the needs of our community. We design courses and immersive experiences that reflect this collaboration.    


We are not perfect, but we do aim to practice what we preach; we use the tools we teach others so that our business grows as we do personally.


We commit to learning and changing as we do the work.


We hold strong ethics of safety, personal choice, consent and radical but compassionate honesty. 


And we have no agenda beside helping you discover your own.  

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