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(and aren't)

We aren't

We are
a social enterprise

We aren't

We can't
fix you

We are unapologetically eclectic

We are
out to make a difference, too

But joining the Intra community can be very therapeutic. We've trained in disciplines ranging from the holistic arts, western psychology, trauma transformation, conflict resolution, non-violent communication, social enterprise and innovation as well as an MBA, to name a few. We pull on all these threads to weave Intra's tapestry of offerings: our podcast, courses, immersions and community. When we feel out of our depth, we lean on licensed mental health providers that serve on our Board of Advisors to ensure content meets industry standards, and participants are connected with clinical support if they need it. Our facilitators are held to the highest ethics.

Because we put passion, purpose, people and the planet on par with profit and productivity. That's because Intra was conceived out of the desire to build a business and a community with a feminine consciousness. That doesn’t mean men are not welcome, it just means that old, patriarchal ways of conducting our business are not. 

Nor are we preachers or teachers, but we do impart wisdom. And lots of it! Mostly, our programs help you locate an inner knowing yourself.  But there is a pragmatism to our personal inquiry that you won’t find many other places. We make practical connections between the personal, professional and systemic levels of making change that are truly transformative, and that not enough people are talking about. 

...your life or your project, but we can help a lot. There is a magic formula for thriving while doing difficult things, and that's at the heart of Intra.

We harvest wisdom from all kinds of sources, all around the world, and then share it with you in the most accessible way we know how because we know how busy you are! All our materials are available in multiple formats, so you can digest them in the way that bests suits you-- on your phone, on the tube, in your shower, unloading the dishwasher, whatever! 

We believe that by supporting people who want to turn their pain points into plans, projects and businesses that will change the world, then we are changing our world, too. 

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